Terms and conditions of experience services – Paintball Sissos Oy

Paintball Sissos Oy follows the Consumer Ombudsman's recommendations for contractual terms and conditions in the organisation of experience events, where applicable:

1 § . Scope of application

These terms and conditions apply to the contract for an experience event when the entrepreneur offers experience services to a private customer or a group of two or more customers. The terms and conditions also apply mutatis mutandis when experience services are offered to other companies or entities.

2 § . Definition

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, "Experience Service" means accommodation; accommodation and other tourist services which are not relevant to the whole; or one or more of the following; meals, catering, banquet and meeting arrangements, the organisation of pastimes and hobbies, such as fishing, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, canoe and forest trips, paintball game events and various rope training and the like, as well as guidance, guidance and training related to services.

3 § . Conclusion of the contract

An agreement is created and these terms become binding on the parties when the terms have been available to the customer and the parties have agreed on the organization of the event.

4 § . Terms of payment

The experience event is paid for at the beginning of the event or immediately after the event.

Sissos may also charge the customer a reservation fee, which will be refunded from the total amount of the transaction when paying for the event. The reservation fee must be paid by the agreed date to the account indicated by the entrepreneur. Before using the service, the customer must present a receipt or other statement of the payment made.


If the customer makes a booking via paintballkeskus.fi or rentle.store/paintball, the customer can pay for all or part of the event by card or via the bank button before the event takes place.

If the customer does not comply with the payment terms, the entrepreneur has the right to consider the reservation cancelled and the contract terminated. The entrepreneur's right to cancel the transaction does not remove the customer's obligation to pay.

The entrepreneur can separately accept less stringent payment terms than those recommended. In this case, the payment terms must also be clearly communicated to the customer. Less stringent payment terms do not remove the customer's obligation to pay in the event of cancellation.

5 § . Customer's right to terminate the contract

If the customer or a close person living in the same household as the customer suddenly falls seriously ill, has a serious accident or dies, the customer has the right to terminate the contract and get back the price paid for the service, minus the delivery costs, the amount of which has been notified in advance to the customer. However, the fees will not be refunded if the use of the service has already started.

Any impediment shall be notified without delay. Illness and accidents preventing the use of the service must be proved by a medical certificate at Sissos' request.

The customer's right to terminate the contract without a special reason,

no later than 14 days before the start of the service, at no cost; later than 14 days, but no later than 48 hours before the start of the service, by paying a booking fee or 50% of the total price of the service, according to the greater of the above. If the contract is terminated later or the customer does not notify the entrepreneur before the start of the service that he will not use the service, the entrepreneur has the right to charge the full price of the service.

The customer has 48h - 14 days before the event the right to transfer the event to another date free of charge, the customer can only make the transfer once. The transfer can only be made up to 3 months from the original date of the event. If the rescheduled event is still cancelled, the customer will be charged a booking fee or 50% of the total price of the service, whichever is higher.

The customer must always inform that they do not use the service or use substantially less than agreed, for example, the number of people or the duration will change from the agreed upon. The notification must be made in writing or otherwise, taking into account the circumstances, in an appropriate manner to the address provided by the entrepreneur. The contract is considered terminated or changed at the moment when the customer's notification has reached the entrepreneur. If the customer proves that the notification was given to the correct address at the right time, the notification is considered to have arrived at the time when, as a rule, it should have arrived at the entrepreneur, even if the notification was late or did not arrive.

If the entrepreneur is able to sell the same service to a third party, the entrepreneur is obliged to refund to the customer the price previously paid for the service to the extent that it was received from a third party. However, the entrepreneur has the right to deduct from the amount to be returned the delivery costs announced in advance.

6 § . The entrepreneur's right to terminate the contract

The entrepreneur has the right to terminate the contract or suspend the performance of the service if force majeure, such as fire, natural disaster, action by the authorities, strike, sudden illness of an employee or other unforeseeable event beyond the entrepreneur's control, prevents or significantly complicates the implementation of the service. If the contract is terminated, the customer must be reimbursed the full price paid and, if the performance of the service is interrupted, the price corresponding to the unrealized part.


If the customer has made a reservation through the booking software (paintballkeskus.fi or rentle.store/paintball), the Company has the right to cancel the contract if the event cannot be organised due to a technical or configuration error in the booking software or if the number of products available for reservation is incorrect.

The entrepreneur must immediately inform the customer of an obstacle due to which the service will not be provided.

7 § . Responsibility for performance of the contract

The entrepreneur is responsible for ensuring that the customer receives the services specified in the contract as they are marketed or as separately agreed for each booking.

8 § . Liability of the parties and damages

The customer is entitled to compensation for damage caused to him by a defect in the entrepreneur's performance if the error or damage is caused by the negligence of the entrepreneur or another trader used by him to help him. Damages to be compensated include, for example, extra expenses incurred by the customer due to an error and expenses that have become useless.

The entrepreneur is not liable for damage caused by force majeure or other unforeseeable reason that the entrepreneur or the trader he uses to help him could not have prevented even with the utmost care. The entrepreneur must inform the customer of the obstacle without delay and strive to act in such a way that the damage suffered by the customer is kept to a minimum.

The customer must follow the instructions and orders given by the entrepreneur related to the use of the service and he is liable for damages that he causes to the entrepreneur or third parties.

The customer is obliged to ensure that he has the valid documents required for the use of the service, such as a passport, visa, firearms licence, proof of the fishing management fee, and insurance cover that he or she considers necessary.

If the customer does not use all the agreed services or uses them only partially, he is not entitled to a price reduction or a refund on this basis.

9 § . Observations and dispute settlement

The customer is obliged to immediately make a note to the entrepreneur or his representative about possible shortcomings that can be corrected already during the use of the service. Any other remarks that could not have been corrected during the use of the service and claims for compensation must be made in writing to the entrepreneur normally no later than one month after the end of the use of the service.

If the customer and the entrepreneur cannot reach an agreement, the customer may refer the dispute to the Consumer Complaints Board. If the matter is brought before a court, the matter will be heard in the district court of the consumer's domicile or, in the case of foreign customers, in the District Court of Helsinki.

* * *

Company-specific information in Sissos

1§ When the customer arrives at the experience event, Sissos accepts a number of people 20% less than the reservation, unless otherwise agreed in writing. If the number of persons is less than 80% of the booking volume, the minimum billing is 80% according to the number of persons. However, the minimum player counts are the minimum billing amounts.

2§ Unless otherwise stated, the delivery costs of Sissos services are 25% of the total price of the product/transaction.

3§ Sissos has a valid liability insurance in its operations.

4§ All participants are insured against accidents at events organised by Sissos and which take place under the supervision of Sissos staff. Accident insurance is secondary, in which case, in the event of an accident, the customer must primarily apply for compensation from his own insurance company or that of his workplace, and secondarily through the insurance taken out by Sissos.

5§ Sissos staff have the right to remove the participant from the event area if the participant does not follow the precautions or the instructions of the staff. In an extreme case, the entire program number or event may be cancelled if the physical or mental condition and behaviour of the participant or participants warrant it. In such cases, the customer is not entitled to a refund for the interruption of the transaction.

6§ Written complaints must be addressed directly to the Board of Directors of Paintball Sissos Oy

7§ See also our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which apply to all our sales, as applicable. The general terms and conditions can be found at: https://www.sissos.com/fi/page/toimitus-ja-maksuehdot/10028.


Wishing you an experiential collaboration!

Board of Directors of Paintball Sissos Oy


updated 13.12.2023