The Gel Blasters are now in Finland!

Gel Blaster is a lightweight, "water gun" that fires gel balls soaked in water more than 30 meters away and in full automatic!

Gel Blaster is very similar to paintball, but there is no paint mark or bruise from the hits. Gel Blaster games are suitable for players aged 8 and above who appreciate painless hits.

It is now possible to organise a birthday or bachelor party as a gel ball game with a 2-hour game package, you can choose between an exciting indoor field with UV lighting or a versatile outdoor field. Gel Blaster is also a fun option for young people's birthday parties. Get all the equipment you need from us and get to play an action-packed game like paintball without the fear of sore spots. 

No mess! The projectiles used by the Gel Blaster are poured into the water, where they swell from granules into 10x balls!

Although Gel Blaster hits don't stain clothes, the game is played on a paintball field with paint left over from the paintball on different surfaces. We provide players with protective overalls and loaner shoes for all Gel Blaster game packages, so your own clothes stay clean. Weapons are not recommended for use in sub-zero temperatures, so if you want to book a Gel Blaster game in winter then book an indoor field for your event. 

If you're interested in Gel Blasters enough to order your very own Blaster, it's quick and easy to do so through our online shop.