paintball school

Paintball School - a hobby for 10 to 16-year-olds

Paintball School

The paintball event for young people every Tuesday at 18:00 will continue again in March.

Games are always held if possible on the outdoor court, in rainy weather games can be held on the indoor court. So you can play in any weather! You can participate in outdoor games with your own long-sleeved loose-fitting sportswear, the contamination of which does not matter (or you can rent overalls from us for 6 €/piece), as the outdoor court uses .50 caliber color balls. We offer free gaming shoes to event participants.

In infield games, clothes do not get dirty when playing, because reusable rubber balls are used in the inner court.

Chest protectors are available free of charge if getting hit scares a first-timer 🙂


Tuesdays 18.00 – 19.30 March to October (7.3.-10.10.)

The program includes a light warm-up, a couple of technical exercises related to competitive paintball, and of course, fun playing together.

There are instructors on site and players from the highest Finnish league level to guide the kids. No previous experience in paintball is required to join. Here you can learn paintball skills safely and in good company with friends of the same age.

You will need to bring your own water bottle and long sleeved clothing, as well as clean sneakers when playing inside. On the spot, you get a paintball gun and protective goggles, paintballs are included in the price.

For kids games, as in paintball in general, players must wear a long-sleeved shirt and long-legged trousers. It is NOT allowed to play in a T-shirt or shorts.


15€ / time
50€ / 5-time serial card (personal)



Paintball is a hidden sports hobby (exercise comes a bit unnoticed on the side) and on top of that, it's really nice! You can participate in the sport according to your own fitness level. You can be a fast runner or you can focus on accuracy and act as a supporter of the group. 

You can join us for a fun hobby regardless of gender or fitness level. There have been about 20 participants each time.

The event is guided by a long-time professional who advises and guides the kids. In this way you'll quickly learn the secrets of the sport and develop as a player. Gameplay becomes even more fun when you know the proper techniques and tactics!



It is a good idea to take the guardian with you for the first time you participate. In the future, he can stay at home or in the waiting room of the Paintball Center, or watch the games from the stands of the outfield. We recommend joining an email list that shares up-to-date information about Tuesday's games.



Yes and no.

In training sessions, you play with paintball guns provided by us to ensure that equipment is evenly balanced between the players.

It is allowed to use your own protective mask if your mask is intended for paintball use and safe to use. In our instructor's opinion, the protective mask must be intact and sufficiently protective. Active players are therefore recommended to purchase their own gaming equipment, for example. From the Sissos store, which can be conveniently visited before the games.

If you have previous paintball experience in paintball, the experience alone will give you a head start for the games.

Wearing your own soft elbow and knee pads is also allowed.