Rentals for a weekday / PRICE PER PERSON

Looking for some action for a weekday?

Between Mon - Thu, you can organise your own paintball games at a lower price. You can rent paintball equipment for 24 hours for just 14,95€ per person!

One rental package includes a gun, mask and compressed air cylinder. Paintballs (10€/500pcs) and camouflage overalls (6€/piece) available separately. 


Mountain overalls for rental package 6€

Reduce the hassle and rent camouflage overalls.

With a camouflage jumpsuit, you'll be able to camouflage the terrain better, without the fear of staining your own clothes during games.

With sizes ranging from small children's sizes to adult 6XL, we have coveralls for almost everyone.

Weekend rentals Fri-Mon / price per person

Fun activities for the weekend?

Weekend rentals from Friday to Monday allow you to play paintball even on several days!

One rental package includes a gun, a protective mask and a compressed air cylinder. Paint balls (10€/500pcs) and camouflage overalls (6€/piece) available separately.



1. Pick up your rental gear

2. Arrange epic battles

3. Return your rental gear - Easy!

EQUIPMENT rental – How does it work?

Rent your pantball gear for a day or the whole weekend!


One rental package includes a semi-automatic paintball gun, a 200-ball magazine (empty), goggles/face mask and a compressed air bottle. When picking up the equipment, you can buy the desired number of paintballs at our affordable online prices. The number of paintballs most commonly needed in 2-3 hours of play varies between 400-600 per person, but this is influenced by many variables such as terrain, size of the playing area, sensitivity of the player's trigger finger.

Example calculation for one-persons equipment for the whole weekend:

Rental equipment for the weekend (Fri-Mon) 22,95€

Rental of camouflage overalls +6,00€

500 paintballs +10,00€

Total 38,95€


The equipment comes packed in bags, boxes and baskets for easy transport to the venue and return. You can pick up the equipment from the Espoo store (Läntinen teollisuuskatu 26) between 11.00-17.30 on the day of the rental and return it on the last day of the rental at the same time. The weapons are very easy to use and we will instruct you on how to use the equipment if necessary.

If you do not have your own licensed playing area, we offer our outdoor pitches in Konala for use by rental groups at no extra charge, but with guided play groups taking precedence over rentals. For example, on Saturdays during the summer, the field is very busy with guided groups. If you insist on playing on a Saturday and in Konala, we recommend you check out our guided play packages instead of rentals here.


For rentals of more than 8 people, extra accessories are provided free of charge

Rentals of more than 8 packages also include the following accessories: a spare gun, a spare bottle for possible breakdowns, a cleaning cloth, anti-fogging agent, handkerchiefs for dividing teams, 2 tickets (for the ticket raffle), a garbage bag, a hand towel for cleaning hits and paper towels for wiping masks. All accessories are packed neatly in boxes and bags designed to carry the equipment.

Reserving equipment

Make a reservation through the booking system below, it will show you availability in real time. If you want to make a reservation for the current day and it is over 16.00 hours, call our  Espoo store09-68 99 89 89 and inquire about availability. During high season, demand may exceed the amount of our rental equipment, so please make your reservation as early as possible.


Full rental conditions: (opens in a new window)

Where is it allowed to play?

In principle, gambling is allowed with the permission of the landowner in any forest area. Make sure you have permission to use the playing area for colour ball games. Make sure the area is marked so that bystanders do not stray into the area. 

Sissos offers its rental customers the use of a playing area in the capital region. Please note that there may be other groups playing at the same time, so please take them into account when playing at the area. Information and directions to the area are available on request from Sissos when you collect your items.

Also, make sure that bystanders are not at risk from the paintball game if they get lost in the area for any reason. In the summertime, there is a lot of movement in the forests, for example. berry pickers and mushroom pickers. 

Color balls are decomposing and decompose in nature. However, undamaged color balls can persist for several weeks in the wild. Most often, after the first rain, almost all the color balls that remain intact disappear into nature.

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