paintball center Juvanmalmi - indoor field

Paintballcenter – indoor field

No mess, no painful hits, just lots of fun!

A new, literally cooler version of paintball will be played on our heated indoor court.

The .50 calibre rubber bullets are used, which hurt less than the traditional colour bullet. In addition to the smaller bullets hurting less, all indoor game packages include unlimited ammunition, WIN -WIN.

Would you like to play without the fear of sore shots? Gelblaster gel ball games now available for indoor use! Experience the fun of paintball in a new way, with gel balls suitable for both adult and youth events.

UV Lighting!
A dense and exciting playing field comes into its own when the lights go out and the UV lighting effects are activated. A wide variety of light effects make the playing area even better!

Indoor games are perfect for birthday parties, field trips, tyky days and groups of friends. With us, you can organise a successful outdoor game event, whatever the weather conditions, 24/7 (you read that right, indoor games can be organised even at midnight!).

Recommended minimum age 12 years. Children under the age of 15 accompanied by a guardian (1 adult per group is enough).

unlimited ammunition

Rubber bullets can be shot again and again. You don't pay extra for an extra bullet, all our indoor game packages include unlimited ammo!


The minimum group size is 6 persons (4 persons for a 1h package) on weekdays (Mon-Sun) and 8 persons on weekends (Fri-Sun) and holidays. The indoor field can accommodate a maximum of 20 players at any one time, and larger groups can play against each other in more than two teams, as in a tournament.

Exciting maze-like playing field

In the labyrinthine infield, you'll experience exciting moments and you'll never be sure who's on the other side of the wall. The games are played with a respawn rule, so even if you get hit, you'll be back in the game. The most popular form of the game is ticket raiding with different variations.

Dressing rooms, toilets and showers in warm interiors

Paintball Center has separate dressing and shower rooms for men and women. Lockable safe deposit boxes for valuables are also provided for groups. 

On-site gaming equipment is provided, however we recommend bringing your own sweatpants, hoodie and indoor shoes for added comfort

All indoor game packages include a paintball gun, goggles and unlimited ammunition. Instructor will be at the disposal of the group throughout the event.

The projectiles don't leave a mark, so you can play well in loose sweatpants, for example.

Wearing indoor shoes or clean sneakers is recommended. With dirty/muddy shoes, you won't be able to get on the field, so keep this in mind when choosing footwear. Paintballcenter has a limited number of shoes that you can also use.

We also organize birthday events for younger players on the indoor field, click here for more information!

Indoor field address and contact information

Läntinen teollisuuskatu 26, FI-02920 ESPOO


The indoor court can be booked at
for the time you want
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.