Frequently asked questions

1) first and foremost: do the hits hurt?

Smaller (.50cal) balls are used on the Juvanmalmi playing fields. You can feel the hit, but it doesn't hurt much.

The normal colored bullet (.68 cal) used in Sissos Arena, on the race course and in rentals already hurts a bit. In addition, hits can leave bruises, especially at close range.

If you're unsure whether it hurts too much, choose a .50 cal or Gel Blaster game event at Juvanmalm.

2) Can alcohol be consumed at events?

Alcohol consumption during the event is not prohibited for adult players, however we recommend that you leave drinks for the post-event games. Having a couple of beers between games is not a problem and stag and hen parties are one of our big clientele, especially in the summer.

Sissos does not have a liquor license, but you are allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages . At Juvanmalm we offer a refrigerator for their storage. Please be aware of our young customers, who may be present at our playing fields several times during the day.

Our Game Directors have the right to refuse a player the right to play if they are unable to follow the instructions given.

3) Can I bring my own lunch?

Yes. You are allowed to enjoy your own snacks at our venues. You can also hire a barbecue from us for your event.

Soft drinks will be available for sale if you get thirsty in the middle of the game.

The paintball centre has a meeting room, which can be rented for e.g. post-game dining. 

4) Is there a sauna or showers?

We do not currently have sauna facilities, but at Juvanmalmi you can refresh yourself after the games in the shower facilities, which are free of charge for our customers. The facilities are equipped with hairdryers. Bring your own towel or rent a towel for 3 €/person. For example, you can rent a sauna here:


For indoor games, wear clean sneakers or indoor shoes and loose sportswear with long sleeves and sleeves (e.g. hoodie and sweatpants). For outdoor games, we have camouflage overalls, under which we recommend layering in cooler weather.

You should also bring sturdy footwear suitable for walking in the forest to the Konala forest field. 

 Please note that you may sweat while playing, so it is a good idea to bring a change of clothes.

6) Can I play with my own equipment?

Yes and no.

In the open games in the Sissos Arena and on the competition field you may play with your own equipment (.68 cal).

In guided games, you play with the weapons of the house, so that the equipment is evenly distributed between the players.

You are allowed to use your own protective mask (if your mask is intended for paintball use and is safe to use).

8) Is there room for negotiation?

The paintball centre has a meeting room that can be rented. Ask more about our sales.

The meeting room is not soundproofed, so other game events and other activities at the Paintball Centre may carry noise into the meeting room.

Sissos Arena in Konala has no meeting facilities.

8) How can I pay for the event? Are sports vouchers accepted?

Payment methods include: cash, debit card and major credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard). We also accept sports benefits in the form of an app and sports vouchers (Epassi, Smartum, Tyky and Edenred/Virike).

Any invoicing should always be agreed before the event.

For guided play events, we usually charge an advance booking fee of €150 per invoice. We will send you the invoice as an email attachment or you can pay the deposit by credit card when you make your booking via our booking calendar. The prepayment will be credited against the final transaction amount.

10) Can I wear glasses?

We recommend contact lenses if possible, as glasses may fog up inside the mask. Also, some spectacle frames are so wide that they do not fit under the mask.

We have a few wider masks that fit better on the head with glasses. Ask our instructor for advice if your glasses do not fit under the mask.

11) Can you play in winter?

Yes! In winter, the most comfortable place to play is on the Paintball Centre's heated indoor field.

We can arrange winter games at the Juvanmalmi harbour outdoor field, weather permitting.With temperatures of around 5-10 degrees below zero, you can usually still play well and thanks to the warm break rooms, you don't have to stay in the freezing temperatures for a whole two hours.

12) Is it suitable for women or children? Age limit?

The recommended age limit for .50 cal air markers used at Juvanmalm is 12 years, while the Konala forest field is played with more powerful equipment, which has an age limit of 14 years. The best way for youngsters to try paintball is to attend a paintball school on Tuesdays.

We also offer lighter markers for gaming events where you want to minimise painful hits without compromising the fun of the game. The Gelblaster is ideal for adults for this purpose. Birthday packages for youngsters are available from 5 years of age upwards.

School sports groups and children's birthday parties are very popular events, for which we warmly recommend the Juvanalmi playing fields with a smaller ball. Children under 15 must be accompanied by a guardian (1 adult per group is sufficient). For school groups, a class teacher/guardian is sufficient.

13) Cancellation conditions and general terms and conditions?

Cancellation conditions in brief:

  • up to 14 days before the event 0€
  • later than 14 days, but no later than 48 hours before the event by paying the booking fee or 50% of the event price (whichever is higher)
  • later than 48 hours before the reservation the full price of the event

The full terms and conditions can be found here: (opens in new window).

14) Does the paint on the crayons come off in the wash?

Generally speaking, yes.

The paint on the balls is water-soluble and comes off the clothes with normal washing. Light-coloured clothes may leave grease-like stains and dark-coloured clothes may leave light-coloured stains. We recommend washing stained clothes as soon as possible after the event, when the paint is still "wet" and will come off more easily in the wash.

15) We are a large group, can I get a discount?

If your group size is more than 40 people, we can arrange extended playing time on top of the price. Contact our customer service and we will tailor a package to suit your needs. We have playing fields of various sizes, where we have organised successful events for small and large groups.