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Paintballcenter – Harbour field

Less painful hits - More fun!

Welcome to a new, low impact version of paintball.

.50 caliber paintball guns fire a smaller and lighter projectile that hurts less, but still sufficiently to make things exciting. Up-close situations come with every game, which is why the lighter ball makes sense. No big bruises but lot's of fun and action!

Ideal for corporate and private groups, as a birthday program, for groups of friends, for a class excursion program for school groups, for physical education classes and as a bachelorette party program number.

Recommended age limit 12 years. Children under the age of 15 accompanied by a guardian (1 adult per group is enough).

NEW! It is also possible to play outdoors with completely painless Gel Blaster weapons (please consider this option if you are playing with young players or if the majority of players are women).

We also organize birthday events for kids at the Juvanmalmi outdoor field, you can find more information about it by clicking here.

Group size 6-80 persons

The minimum group size is 6 people on weekdays Mon-Thu and 8 people on weekends Fri-Sun.

We can arrange gaming events for more than 30 people under a separate agreement. If your group size is larger than 30 people, please contact us and we will tailor a game package to suit your needs, i.e. we will offer the group a longer playing time and divide the group into smaller teams.

Port-themed urban warfare field
  • A versatile paintball playing field built on top of an artificial turf base by professionals
  • Around the field you will find a ship with a pier, a truck, covered hall space, a sniper tower, bunkers and numerous other obstacles built around it!
  • Floodlights enable evening games and create a new kind of atmosphere on the field after dark
  • Covered grandstand where you can watch the games safely from behind the glass
  • Two covered gun room for breaks. A little rain doesn't hurt either, especially since the field is also partially covered
  • The field is designed to be as playable as possible by long-time paintball enthusiasts, you won't be disappointed!
Dressing rooms, toilets and showers in warm interiors

Paintball Center has separate dressing and shower rooms for men and women. Lockable safe deposit boxes for valuables are also available. We sell cold soda and snacks if you get hungry between battles.

All necessary equipment available on site

All urban warfare packages include a gun, mask, camouflage overalls, shoes, an agreed number of color balls, as well as gloves and a headdress. Game instructor will be at the disposal of your group throughout the event.


Even if there is another group playing at the same time, you still get to play as your own group, always!

Down time between rounds is utilized for loading weapons, catching your breath and preparing for the next game. Waiting isn't long even if two groups are booked simultaneously. One game lasts about 3-10 minutes, depending on the game format. If you wish to have the field all to yourself we suggest taking a look at our VIP packages.

After the games - Take a moment to wind down and have a BBQ

We offer the opportunity to book their own barbecue after the games for 20€/group. Bring your own food (cold storage for the duration of games can be arranged).

In addition to the gas grill, the package includes a comprehensive package of grilling equipment and plenty of covered table and seating space. After an action-packed couple of hours, you have the opportunity to sit down for a while and enjoy the barbecue delicacies together (bring your own!).

We offer a fridge to keep the food and drinks cold during the games. You can bring and consume a few beers during the games (as long as you remember moderation). 

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