"Great place. Nice staff as well as the playing field was great"


We offer indoor paintball under UV lights, close quarter battles on our excellent harbor themed outdoor field or traditional woodsball games in a built up forest field. Choose your battle!

UV paintball

indoor field - Juvanmalmi

  • Heated indoor field enhanced with UV-lights
  • Unlimited ammo!  – Shoot as much as you want
  • No mess! – Reusable rubber balls, no messy paint stains

HARBOUR FIELD - Juvanmalmi

  • Professionally built outdoor field with artificial turf base, two staging rooms, lighting for evening games and a grandstand
  • Diverse and exciting game modes
  • A ship, truck, sniper tower and countless other built obstacles


  • A field that meets the standards for competitive, tournament style paintball games
  • Professional competition field with lighting, artificial turf base, covered pit area and grandstand
  • Enables fast action-packed style of play and use of team tactics
opening in spring

forest field - Konala

  • The largest and most diverse forest game field in the Helsinki metropolitan area! – Here, events with up to 100 players are possible!
  • Flanking maneuveur to the rear or frontal attack on enemy positions? – You decide!

Sissos organizes guided paintball events with over 25 years of experience!

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