The 2023 games have been completed and the next open games will take place in spring 2024.

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For 10-16 year olds, we organise open games on Tuesdays, read more about kids/youth paintball HERE.

Watch the TikTok video to see what it's like in the open games! 

Participating in an open event is the easiest way to get started with paintball.

No hassle, you know there will be other players and if you're interested in the sport, it's easy to keep going. 

Events usually last 2-4 hours, depending on the field, the number of participants and the players' stamina. 

Each event can accommodate between 40 and 100 players.

You can participate alone or with a group of friends whatever your skill level. You can rent all the equipment you need on site, or take part in the games with your own equipment.

Teams will be split as evenly as possible on the spot, mixing first-timers with more experienced players to make it fun for everyone.

If you are playing with rental equipment, please bring shoes suitable for off-road/paintball play, a water bottle and clothing to wear under your tracksuit, depending on the weather. Cold drinks will also be available for sale at the games.