SissosArena - Konala outdoor forest field

Konala Forest Field

Proper woodsball games in a built-up game area!
  • Our forest field is located 12 km from the centre of Helsinki, along Vihdintie
  • Most diverse Paintball field found in the metropolitan area with several buildings, numerous obstacles and a netted safety area
  • .68 cal paintball guns packs a punch, especially in close-up situations
  • Age limit recommendation +14 years due to more powerful weapons. Children under the age of 16 accompanied by a guardian (1 adult per group is sufficient)
Group size 10-60 persons
The minimum group size at Konala airport is 10 people.

If your group size is larger than 60 people, please contact us and we will tailor a game package to suit your needs. We have successfully organized several +100 event in this field.

dressing room container and wooden cabin toilet at your disposal

Sissosarena has an insulated dressing room container, which also has lockable wardrobes for players.

If you are surprised by a toilet emergency in the middle of games, there is a composting tree in the area.

If your gaming group is looking for more amenities, such as running water, heated changing rooms, showers, illuminated playing fields or a warm break room, we recommend booking one of our Juvanmalm game packages instead. 


Gaming equipment on site, bring your own shoes
All packages include a gun, goggles, overalls, an agreed number of color balls, and a headdress. The dressing room container and a game instructor will be at the disposal of the group throughout the event.

Own shoes suitable for moving in the forest are required, eg. sneakers or army/hiking boots are well suited.

.68 cal Paintballs - hits will sting!    Minimum age limit 14+ years

Sissosarena is played with "normal"/big .68 caliber color balls, which is why the recommended minimum age is 14 years. 

Children under the age of 15 accompanied by a guardian (1 adult per group is enough).

Sissos Arena – Konala outdoor playing field

Vanha hämeenkyläntie 78, FI-02680 ESPOO



You can book a game time at konala's outfield

from 09:00 to 21:00. However, keep in mind the light situation that changes according to the season and the fact that the field is not illuminated. Playing in the dark forest is not meaningful or safe.

If you have any doubts about the sufficiency of daylight hours, you strongly urge you to check out the Juvanmalmi outdoor court, where you can find modern amenities such as heated changing rooms, shower rooms, safes, etc. In addition, also the lighting of the game area!